Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Why Portmill Estates are so fond of the U.A.E and Ajman

For potential investors there are many reasons why Portmill Estates believes Ajman is the hot ticket. Because it is so close to Dubai it has a growing nightlife scene as well as fantastic shopping. It is also attracting large developers with extravagant plans for residential and commercial developments. These are all positive indicators of a up and coming cosmopolitan area.

This was a key attribute in the selection process for Portmill Estates. Portmill Estates has signed up as a broker to sell residential units in Awali City, Ajman. They believe that Ajman in the newest hotbed for living and investing in the U.A.E.

Ajman is near the infamous Emirate of Dubai but is not affected by the high prices of Dubai living. Prices in Ajman are currently only about a third of those in Dubai. Timing is everything; word on the street is that Ajman should see the same growth curve as Dubai.

With the new airport proposed for completion in 2011, Portmill Estates believes the investment potential is huge and the signs are clear that there is a lot of smart money to be made there.

The U.A.E is getting noticed for world firsts, with technological marvels such as the palm islands and the world islands raising the areas profile by featuring in the news and in documentaries, the Burj Al Arab hotel offering unparalleled luxury and the world’s biggest indoor snow centre offering skiing and snowboarding to people who may never have seen snow before. All these modern wonders keep the UAE in the world’s eye and ensure that people are travelling to and buying in Dubai and it surroundings.

The ambition of this region is unparalleled on a global scale with the largest airport and theme park to be constructed in Dubai, and the largest artificial mariner project to be constructed in Ajman. So, as a region, Portmill Estates still believes there are excellent opportunities for investors as well as expatriates looking for property in regions within the U.A.E.

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